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Here are the some of the frequently asked questions by our customers. We just compiled them here to make your shopping experience smooth and great.

1. Can i change from "Nana" to "Nanny" or "Poppy".

Yes, we can customize the T-Shirts based on how you want it. You can specify your own nickname and we will put it for you

2. Do you ship it internationally?

Answer:- Yes, we can ship it to 240 different countries.

3. How long does it take to get my item?

Answer:- Since all the T-Shirts are unique and customized based on your needs, It will take 5-7 business days for us to ship the order. Most order are received within 10 Business Days after placing the order.

4. Do you provide tracking number? Which carrier do you use to ship the items

Answer:-Yes, We email the tracking number within 5-7 Business days after the order is placed. Items are shipped depends on how many items you buy. But irrespective of the carrier used, all shipments will have the tracking number.


5. I wrote the name incorrect or i missed one name, Can i add or change it now?

Answer:- Please send us an email within 48 hours at We will make every effort to get what you want.

6. How much is the Postage/Shipping Fee

Answer:- The shipping fee depends on the country, For e.g. USA - $5.99, Australia - $7.99, United Kingdom - $6.99

7. How to Place the Order

  • Enter your own nick name (We can put any nick name)
  • Select Color, Size
  • Enter Total Number of Boys and Girls
  • Enter Boys Name (Leave Blank If none)
  • Enter Girls Name (Leave Blank If none)
  • Enter Any Special Request, For e.g. Hair / Skin Color or if you need the preview before the mug is printed